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Stora Segerstad

Stora Segerstad College – a center for the land based industries, was founded in 1920 and today the school has about 260 students and 60 staff. Thanks to the relative small amount of students the school atmosphere is informal and friendly.


Stora Segerstad Collage  – a center for the land based industries, is located in south of Sweden and is surrounded by great nature, both forest and open fields. 


The school has modern machinery, both for agriculture and forestry,  for example 3 harvester and 7 forwarders, about 70 dairy cows, 78 sows, 1300 hen, 20 sheep and 20 beef cows.

International co-operation

Together with a number of forestry organisations and schools an International Education for Forestry Machine Operators and Owners, IEFMO, has been created with support from the Leonardo da Vinci programme

An ongoing Leonardo project is developing a teaching material in vocational English for Forest workers, of which the forest worker´s glossary is a part. Read more at: (Extern länk) länk)

Exchange programmes since 1996 for young students with partners in 8 countries.

Upper secondary school

  • Agriculture - crop production
  • Agriculture - animal husbandry
  • Foresty - mechanised harvesting
  • Foresty - foresty and game management
  • Dog - keeping
  • Environment and science

Adult education

  • 1,5 year college training course for forest machine operators and contractors
  • 1,5 year college training course for farm managers and farmers
  • 6 – 9 weeks course in harvester operation (also in English and German)
  • Short courses on demand from the industry

Half year International Education for Forest Machine Operators (in English)