A 3-year animation program

A 3-year animation education program will be starting, and is now open for international students.

In the fall of 2023, something unique will be happening at Sörängen. A 3-year animation education program will be starting. Here, students will learn animation from the ground up with a focus on traditional 2D techniques.

The program provides technical knowledge, hands-on practice and experience in planning and executing projects, a broad network of contacts and an insight into the animation industry and its various opportunities. You will build a solid portfolio that you can use for applications to continue studies, work, or internships.

This year, our application is also open for international, english speaking students.

The instruction itself at the school is free of charge. All participants pay a small service and material fee. If you choose to reside in the dormitory, you will also pay for food and lodging (from 1327kr per week). Meals and refreshments are served in our lovely dining hall from Monday to Friday each week.


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