Classical drawing

classical drawing anatomy

You will be drawing all day, practicing various aspects of classical drawing like movement, anatomy and proportions. The teaching consists of a variety of exercises spanning from fast, dynamic drawings to more in-depth model studies with the opportunity for immersion. Additionally there might be a number of drawing exercises without the use of a live model, which can include both sketching and longer studies. The teacher offers individual feedback based on each person’s skill level so both beginners and highly skilled artists are welcome. The course is primarily for young people who enjoy drawing.

Solid drawing skills are fundamental for a career in visual arts, especially in the applied arts such as animation, computer games, design, comics and illustration. If you are considering a career in one of those fields or simply love to draw as a hobby, the summer course in classical drawing is a good opportunity to spend a week immersed in drawing, improving your skills significantly under guidance of an experienced teacher. Simultaneously with the classical drawing course, there will be other art related summer courses such as creative writing, photography and sculpture.


Course leader: Mads Peter Brandstrup Jensen

Mads Peter B. J. has been teaching drawing since 2005, in many different institutions, including The Animation Workshop, where he still teaches Artist Anatomy to the CG -BCA. 

When he is not teaching classical tools within drawing, he paints, teaches painting, or is otherwise involving himself with art.

In the classroom he strives to create a safe and open environment for everyone, and his deepest concern is that all students move with the subject on their own path.


Language of instruction:


Course time:

The course starts on sunday 13.00 and ends on thursday 13.00.

All course attendants in Classical drawing get a single room with toilet and shower in corridor. Towels and bed clothing is included. 

All food is cooked in our own kitchen. Breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in our beautiful dining hall. We also have two coffee breaks – morning and afternoon. Vegetarian/vegan alternatives is available and also other alternatives if you have food allergies. Please specify this on your application.

Course application:
We only have a restricted number of entries, "first come, first served" - principle is applied.
To apply – please use the application form linked on this page. You will receive an email if you have been selected, and you will have one week to reply and confirm your entry. When you have confirmed your entry, your entry is legally binding.

Cancellations before 15th of May are free of charge. If you need to cancel after 15th of May, you pay the full course cost.
If the course has too few applications we might need to cancel the course.

When you arrive to the school, please go to the reception house to pick up your key. There you will also get access to the school wi-fi and a map of the school.

Evening events:
We have a gymnasium for sports such as badminton, table tennis and more. We also have a small gym. In our shared community house we have TV, pool table and board games.

It´s easy to travel by train to Nässjö in sweden. It takes approximately 2-3 hours from Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen. When you arrive to the train station in Nässjö, you can take a take the bus or taxi. With lightweight packing you can also walk from the station to the school, it takes approximately 20-30 minutes.