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Stora Segerstad

Stora Segerstad College – a centre for the land based industries, was founded in 1920 and today the school has about 260 students and 80 staff. Thanks to the relatively small amount of students the school atmosphere is informal and friendly.


Stora Segerstad Collage  – a centre for the land based industries, is located in south of Sweden and is surrounded by great nature, both forests and open fields.


The school has modern machinery, both for agriculture and forestry,  for example harvester and forwarders, dairy cows, sows, piglets, sheep and beef cows.

International co-operation

Together with a number of forestry organisations and schools an International Education for Forestry Machine Operators and Owners, IEFMO, has been created with support from the Leonardo da Vinci programme. This project has lead to a great number of students from 15 European countries attending a forest machine course in Sweden. Another Leonardo project (followed by an Erasmus+ project) has developed a teaching material in vocational English for Forest workers, of which the forest worker´s glossary is a part. Read more at: (Extern länk)

For the moment, Stora Segerstad is involved in two Erasmus+ strategic partnership projects.

Net4forests is  a project that want to meet the need for  information, guidelines and training materials for forest owner´ s practical education, training and use. Partner countries are Slovenia (contractor) , Sweden (SLU), Spain, Latvia and Estonia . The goal of this project is to exchange experiences, knowledge, good practice examples and to form innovative and publicly available materials, which will enable trainers and forest owners to acquire adequate knowledge for efficient forest management.

Net4forests analyses the innovation needs of forest owners in forest management, sets up transnational exchange of experiences and knowledge, and demonstrates the transferability of good practice examples by a series of education and promotion activities to push forward the ability of forest owners to innovate their forest management and to boost their competitiveness on the wood market. The project thereby offers new and well adapted innovation instruments which will facilitate the innovation process of the Net4forests partners and their target groups. These instruments will consist of a handbook, hands-on-guidelines, learning toolkit and best practice examples 

EMOC  (European machine operation certificate) is a project, lead by the German KWF, which aims to set the standards for a European forest machine operator.  Stora  Segerstad plays an active role in this project. The result would be a system with the European chain saw certificate as model, with assessment criteria  and independent assessors.  In addition to Sweden and Germany, there are partners from Spain, Austria, Czech republic and UK

In addition to this, Stora Segerstad has been in charge of student exchange programmes since 1996 with partners from up to 8 countries.

Erasmus+ project: 

Stora Segerstad is currently involved in an Erasmus+-project called “Treasure Hunt in your neighbours’ backyard”. The project has 6 partners in 5 countries. Bulgaria, Spain, Greece (2), Italy and the coordinating partner Stora Segerstad. The goal for the project is to create cooperation and form a study material in the field of agritourism, as well as facilitate language learning. To increase opportunities to connect farms with the tourist industry and create possibilities for rural entrepreneurs to develop their businesses by attracting visitors to farms to enjoy nature and/or agriculture businesses. What treasures can you find and develop “in your backyard”?

Target groups for the project are besides existing entrepreneurs, also young people (under 30), immigrants and female entrepreneurs.