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Tenhults Naturbruksgymnasium is an upper secondary school for natural resources with a long history. The school was founded in 1912 which makes it one of the oldest in Sweden within its field. Today the school has about 200 students and 30 teachers, altogether a staff of 60 persons. Due to the relatively small amount of students, the atmosphere of the school is informal and friendly.


Upper secondary school within the Natural Resource Use Programme (NB)

At Tenhults Naturbruksgymnasium we have the following orientations:
• Animal care – animal behavior and needs
• Horsemanship – dressage, show jumping and trotting
• Garden – landscaping, gardening and horticulture
• Agriculture – technology, machinery, crops, animals in agriculture, dairy and economics


Even though Natural Resource Use Programme is a vocational education, we offer a specialization in social and natural sciences for those aiming at a higher education.

Workplace training

Workplace-based learning outside school is included in all orientations. During 15 weeks the students work as trainees at different places of work within their orientation. It is also possible to go abroad. We have a wide network with hundreds of partners in Sweden and around the world.

Forest, landscape and animals

– a four-year programme for pupils with learning disabilities
Within this program we have the following orientations:
• Horses
• Pets
• Agriculture, animals and machinery
• Gardening and outdoor environment
This programme includes workplace-based learning for a minimum of 22 weeks, as well as managing everyday household tasks.

Students´ influence

Tenhults Naturbruksgymnasium aims at envolving the students in matters of school work, housing and orientations as well as in choosing working forms and content in their studies.


The school is situated in a beautiful setting bordered by crop fields, pastures, woods and lakes. The school is located on the outskirts of Tenhult, a small community with 3000 inhabitants. About 10 minutes away you find Jönköping the ninth largest city of Sweden with approximately 100 000 inhabitants.


Within the school area there are several buildings and facilities for teaching. We have modern machinery for agriculture, excellent equine facilities with a stable, an indoor arena 80m x 40m, a paddock and a trot loop. We also have a garden with greenhouses and outdoor cultivation, a mini zoo with many different species and a cow barn with the latest technology based on a loose-housing system for cattle. We have about 25 horses, 120 other animals/pets (50 species), 70 dairy cows and almost 900 Acres of land.

An ecological school

Tenhults Naturbruksgymnasium is ecological and takes good care of the local environment. We use no artificial fertilizers and our horses and cows eat the hay which we grow ourselves. The central heating system of the school is environmentally friendly and so are most of our transports. We also recycle our garbage.

Boarding school

The school is also a boarding school with room for 80 students. Our recreation leaders arrange different after-school activities, for example movie nights, bowling, swimming, trips to the shopping mall and floor ball tournaments.

Students’ future

Life after Tenhults Naturbruksgymnasium vary. Some of our students keep working with animals or agriculture, while some start a whole other career. Some students commit themselves to a higher education and may be studying to become for example agronomists or veterinarians.