Jönköping County

Jönköping County has a unique location in the centre of Sweden and Scandinavia. Our region forms a natural point of juncture between the main city regions of Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö.

Always open to influence and change. Always ready to radically adapt business, education and community services to meet new needs. Creative energy triggering change and influencing others with ideas and solutions. We know how to build a sustainable society that offers scope for involvement and outlet for creative energy.

Jönköping County in the centre of southern Scandinavia has a population of 353 000, making it the sixth largest region in Sweden. Our 13 municipalities work collaboratively to create solid ground for personal and business growth.

Everyone should be able to enjoy a good living environment. Life here should be uncomplicated, inspiring and safe. The engine driving the development of society is a strong, private business sector.

Our region has a long history of small enterprises and the business community is characterised by its spirit of cooperation, innovation, endurance and often a large dose of courage.

Our region is home to the famous Gnosjö spirit which is not limited to one district but is very much present throughout the region.