Research and Education

Jönköping University has a unique partnership with the local business community and employment market in general.

Employers involved in knowledge exchange with the university provide opportunities for project work, trainee positions, visits and mentorship.

Students are encouraged to undertake entrepreneurial activities to develop business ideas and create new and important companies in the region. Many of these small business seeds grow in the region’s various Science Parks which are committed to nurturing early-stage businesses with growth ambitions.

About 90 percent of the students at Jönköping International Business School study abroad at some stage of their studies. This far exceeds the national average of 17 percent. Surveys show that the students at Jönköping University are consistently amongst those who most quickly gain employment after graduation.

Jönköping University’s programmes and research activities are conducted at:

  • School of health and Welfare
  • School of Education and Communication
  • School of Engineering
  • Jönköping International Business School