Support Structures

To promote and strengthen the development of the county regarding " Sustainable Buildings and Accommodation", various activities and a range of project activities have started to support this.

Träcentrum: Since 1995, Wood center is established in the county with the purpose of strengthen and develop the wood-related industries. It conducts itself, and by directive, a range of development projects and work in general to support the industry in different ways.

Interior Cluster Sweden (ICS): Interior Cluster Sweden has its base in the leading furniture and interiornodes in Sweden, which are located in Småland. The basis for the cluster is the large group of companies representing the value chain in the furniture and interior design production. Cluster initiative is strongly focused towards internationalization.

Träregion Småland: The three Småland counties took in 2011 along with industry initiatives to strengthen the development and the processing chain in wood related industry. After the establishment of Smart Housing Småland, the focus has been on promoting the furniture and interior design.

Smart Housing Smaland (SHS): This is a long-term initiative which from 2013 brings together both industry, academy and community stakeholders. With the support of the national innovation agency Vinnova, SHS is engaged in activities promoting the construction and housing with base in wood and glass. SHS face several challenges; the need for new housing, the need to build area-efficient, flexible, modern, energy efficient and sustainable.

In collaboration with industry, academy and public build an innovation cluster where, with the user in mind, clever housing and sustainable environment in created with the combination of wood and glass. The work begins in Småland where knowledge, history, and the raw material wood and glass are, but with the goal to build a leading international innovation environment which creates an increasing variety of attractive, sustainable and competitive housing.