A strong business community creates a stable job market

Ingenjör diskuterar arbetsorder
Foto: Johan W Avby

A stable job market with a good balance between different employment categories and between private and public operations is critical to the well-being and development of individuals and society.

Private enterprise is very active in our region. The drive to start and grow a business goes back many generations. It makes the business community highly flexible and open to change.

Jönköping County has one of the lowest unemployment figures and one of the lowest rates of illness-related absenteeism in Sweden. It has a high percentage of newly-established companies and the number of jobs in manufacturing industries is well above the national average. The demand for skilled labour in both private and public sectors is also expected to increase in the future. The region will need more people and companies with good ideas – even more than we have today. You’re welcome to join us.

Jönköping County has one of the highest employment levels in the country. A significant proportion of the population works in manufacturing, with metal, plastics and wood processing topping the list.